Professor Problems

Very Mildly Irritated

I’ve been going to school for a few years now and every single professor I’ve had has been an absolutely wonderful person. Simply lovely. Until now.

I’m maneuvering for a double major, which means I have to take a few art history classes. So I picked a class that didn’t overlap with other things and took it.

The first day of class she says she’s an adjunct and that she’s in the process of changing careers and has a life outside of class. She’s not recording her lectures to the cloud. She’s not sharing her slides. She says canvas and zoom are too difficult for her. I have to wonder how she gets by in this world without even the most basic computer skills.

She went on to complain about email being sent to her at odd hours. While I get that late emails are annoying, you don’t have to answer them. In fact, no one expects you to.

I send emails at odd hours. I have executive dysfunction and my working memory is utter shit. Even if I write a brief note to myself and set an alarm I risk forgetting the big picture, or hitting snooze and forgetting about it entirely. When I have the need to communicate, I need to write the email and send it off. Day or night. Sorry, that’s just the way it is with my disabilities. Don’t answer it until it’s convenient. I don’t give a fuck.

She then proceeds to yell at someone because their mic is not muted and we’re hearing background noises. I mean, when someone’s mic is hot they appear as the speaker, it’s easy to mute them and/or ask them calmly by name.

The yelling caused me to lock up and have a panic attack because I have problems with screaming people due to my past of trauma.

So I email her about it and explained the situation and asked if she could be a bit more careful. It’s really not a big deal.

She blows the whole thing way out of proportion. She tries to play the victim, and sends my email, which includes confidential health information to her boss and the disability center.

I never heard anything from her boss but the disability center wanted me to make an appointment and I did.

Okay so normal well adjusted people don’t play the victim that way. They say, “Oh sorry. I didn’t realize I raised my voice, I’ll try to be more careful.”

She reminds me of my mother. Always trying to play the victim and make it all about her.

So a few lectures go by and not once does she send me her notes/slides which she’s supposed to do for my disability accomodations even if she’s not sending them to everyone else.

So when I meet with the disability center I point that out and they’re now looking into it.

Meanwhile this professor is lecturing very quickly. I’m talking turbo lectures. Everyone is complaining in Discord that she’s going too fast for them to take notes. It’s like, slow down Sonic the Hedgehog. It sure would be helpful if she uploaded her zoom sessions to the cloud.

She’s also muting everyone on zoom so we can’t talk and is asking questions and people are raising their hands and she can’t figure out how to unmute them. And she’s like, “oh well.”

In the most recent chapter of her bullshit, someone requested live captioning. Probably because she goes too damn fast. So she accepts the request and then complains because it’s coming up on her screen and wants to disable it for everyone because she can’t concentrate.

I’m sorry but if students need captions, there might be a disability involved. You’re going to have to fucking get over it or figure out how to locally turn it off while leaving it on for people who need it.

I’m still not getting my accomodations fulfilled.

And we have a test soon. I’m checking with other students so I can make sure that when she finally posts it I can assure that I’m getting my extended test time as my academic accomodations demand.

If not, then this means war. It’s on like Donkey Kong. I’m too fucking old and tired to put up with this professors bullshit. Like in that one song, I’m not going to take it.

She might have been the one to bring the disabled student support center in, but I’m going to go full Karen until she fulfills my accomodations, which she agreed to honor, as required.

If I don’t get my accomodations I’m going to go to her department chair, to the campus lawyer who advises students, to the ombudsperson, and even go as far as an ADA suit.

I’m the wrong student to play fuck around and find out with.

I’ve got enough on my plate without school bullshit. I will not tolerate games.



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